Contributing Artists

Adam Cutts-200

Adam Cutts Fiddler

Adam Cutts, national award-winning fiddler, demonstrates why he is one of the most sought-after fiddlers around.  Look for his soon-to-be-released CD, featuring his unbelievable talent.


Joan Henington Soprano

Joan Henington adds her pretty soprano voice with sounds as soft as morning mist and clear as a mountain stream.

Mike Hill-200

Mike “Elton John” Hill Keyboard

Mike “Elton John” Hill, playing with flair, improv and feeling, always adds magic to the music.

Chris Hirsch-200

Chris Hirsch Banjo

“Mr. Banjo”, legendary Chris Hirsch.  Three-time Texas state champion shows why he’s the best.

Ellen Rienstra-200

Ellen Rienstra Stradivari Siren

Ellen Rienstra, “Stradivari Siren of the Sabine”, the pride of Mauriceville, Rosedale and Voth, is a violin virtuoso who has been creating beautiful music from Beaumont to Brussels (Kansas) for most of her adult life.

Ron Roberts-200

Ron Roberts Tenor

Ron Roberts is a true tenor from Texas.  Born to perform and sing, his beautiful voice can be heard on several of our CD’s.  A talent worthy of his own national identity, we are lucky to have him.

Mark Wade-200

Mark Wade Drums

Mark Wade, known for his nationally-acclaimed art and museum pieces, has demonstrated another talent… beating on things. His energetic rhythms and syncopated drum licks will make a rock want to move.

Jami Wilson-200

Jami Wilson Alto

Introducing Jami Wilson, the little girl with the big voice.  Her sultry alto voice will blow you away.


Adam Filnt Guitar Virtuoso

Adam Flint…”a virtuoso on the guitar, he can bring tears to your eyes with beautiful acoustic renditions ….we are fortunate to be able to add him to our group of contributing artists”


Adrienne Roberts Alto

Adrienne Roberts…….”with a voice like springtime and flowers busting out all over”


Emilie Gage Soprano

Emilie Gage…….”was added to our back-up choral group to lend her beautiful soprano voice”


Paul Scheet Bass

Paul Scheet…..”has added his rich bass voice and name to the list of talented singers in our ensemble


Will Roberts Tenor

Will Roberts……”a fresh new sound from the country boy with the haunting tenor voice”