Cancer Facts

student_microscope_wooden_boxEveryone knows someone who has been touched by breast or prostate cancer. Two of our trio have already done battle with prostate cancer and have lived to sing again. They were lucky. We want everyone who is stricken with these dread diseases to live to say they “had” cancer. That is why we are donating the net sale proceeds from The Encore Collection to M.D. Anderson cancer research targeting breast and prostate cancer. Their mission statement is simple – to eliminate cancer.

Over 232,000 new cases of prostate cancer are expected each year. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in America. During their lifetime, one in six are projected to get prostate cancer. Your odds get even lower if you have relatives that have had prostate cancer. It is commonly thought, “if you live long enough, you’ll get it.” Research, like that being done at M.D. Anderson, is instrumental in developing new and effective treatments.

Over 1.2 million new cases of breast cancer are projected in the world. Excluding skin cancer, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in American women. M.D. Anderson is on the forefront of this battle and is recognized world wide for it’s success and integrated multi-disciplined approach to treatment.