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GroupPhoto-01, Trans BkWe appreciate you taking the time to write and hope you enjoyed the music. If not, please don’t tell us for we are seniors now and don’t take criticism well. We must be seniors because several years back we received personalized AARP cards and a copy of Modern Maturity, and they don’t just give those stigmas away without good reason. They came in an official looking brown envelope like those used by the IRS. However, the contents quickly revealed the sender couldn’t possibly be connected with the government. The government doesn’t need tips on staying regular and isn’t the least bit interested in removng liver spots, only campaign contribution and term limits. We went ahead and ordered the AARP secret de-coder glasses (those are the one’s that allow you to read things closer than at arm’s length) and they have been a big help when learning new songs. Now we get ALL the lyrics right the first time and don’t intermittently break out singing harmony in tongues.

We wish we could offer you T-shirts, coffee mugs, or swizzle sticks from the company store, but no such luck. All we have to offer are the C.D.’s. But look at it this way, proceeds are going to M.D. Anderson¬†¬†for breast and prostate cancer research. Now you can feel good about helping others every time you listen to music you actually want to hear.

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